by Wander Daze

This EP was born of sleepless nights and frustrated mornings; the songwriting stems from hours of careful lyricism and musical arrangement. The recording was almost as involved as the performances, an art in and of itself and every detail was meticulously centered on what was best for the song. The result? A transcendent work made from blood, sweat, and tears. This release encompasses a very specific point in my life, all the emotions are more than real. With the exception of the piano and bass, all the parts were performed by yours truly. Every harmony, every guitar, every percussive sound and makeshift instrument. The title, "Rigged", suggests that coming of age isn't as easy as it seems... especially in today's modern society. It's partly a social commentary, partly anecdotal, and totally raw, uninhibited emotion. 

What others are saying...

"...layered with tasteful, gently distorted electric guitar phrases, and a lonesome wandering voice accompanied by velvety harmonies, Wander‘s music is anything but threadbare..." -Link Media Magazine

This EP was made for you, happy listening!

Truly Yours,

Wander Daze